Coton de Tulear is a small white dog race. Puppies can be born with brown, black or white spots, but all Coton de Tulear completely white reach they become adults. They are originally from the port city of Tulear in Madagascar, which was a hangout for Viking pirates who used the dog as a ship's dog. It is also called cotton dog due. Its soft, vatagtige coat. The little dog has been very popular since it came to Denmark in 1990. The breed was officially recognized in 1971. The Coton de Tulearen is part of bichon group, which was adopted across many continents of the Spanish empire in the thirteenth century. It is also Madagascar domestic dog.

It is a hypoallergenic dog. Some believe that it is because it traps or undercoat and therefore forms the non scales that often cause allergic reactions. But when the cause can also be that the protein that the dog's coat, dandruff and skin etc. are made of has a different structure than the other dogs and that's why the dog in many cases do not cause allergies. Coton has no fur like other dogs, but "lint" as coton also refers.

Coton is a friendly family dog whose popularity is growing in Denmark. Therefore, it is also relatively expensive. Coton de Tulear expresses himself with a great variety of sounds. It is also an agile race that is suitable for circus arts and agility.

In Denmark and Europe are the breed most often completely white. In the US, the breed is seen often with white fur with gray or brown spots. The coat is unique and requires a lot - and the right - care. Otherwise, the dog felt the fur, and it may be necessary to cut the hair of it.

(source: Wikipedia)